Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Take 2

My mom is a funny woman. I've always had a hard time separating her funny from her fact. I've recently learned that one classic saying was indeed a fact and not a funny. It was this - "my 10 child bearing years were the darkest 10 years of my life." I thought she was funny. I now know it was a fact.

The mom I remember from my growing up days was talented, energetic, involved, funny, and very capable. I don't remember the lady who prepared lunches for the older kids and organized play dates for the younger kids while going on four hours of sleep because she was nursing a newborn all night. I wish I knew that mom.

This is why I started a blog. When I tell my (at the rate I'm going) daughter-in-laws that my child bearing years were the darkest 10 years of my life I want my children to have a record that tells them that while it is a fact that this is hard it is also a fact that we had joy in the journey.

I found from doing my first 9 posts that I was writing for the audience. Unfortunately, this isn't for you. This is for my kids. I've given up thoughts about this blog being clever and funny. This blog is for my kids. And it might go private so I can take all the pressure of myself. Not decided yet. For now it'll be a window for my children to learn about this mom that will be long gone when they start forming opinions about me. She'll be long gone because she'll be able to sleep in past 6am and get groceries before 10pm at night. That alone will make me a much different person!


Emily said...

Even if it's not just for your kids... it's yours, say what you wanna say, I wondered on my blog if people censor what they say on their blog for fear of offending their readers... My new years resolution, be more me on my blog :)

Kelly M said...

I totally agree! It would be so cool to see what my mom did when she was in my stage of life- what she thought, how she felt, and how she survived. I hope my kids can learn sone of those things from my blog and journals too. Awesome.

Alyosha said...

Definitely don't feel pressure to be clever--it will come out naturally because that's part of you. And your kids will want to see that, too. And I think most blog-readers have really low standards when it comes to what they'll read. After all, I've checked your blog over and over, even though you haven't posted in 6 months. So no pressure there either. :)

Beth, Cody and Morgan said...

So true. I have to keep reminding myself that I will one day be a person who flies on an airplane without a baby or toddler. Or that I will one day be a person who doesn't have to plan my life around nap schedules. It's tough to see it now but this won't last forever and one day we'll probably miss it!