Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Clever Boy

Brock recently discovered the joy of privacy which translates into locked doors. I'm actually not sure if he likes privacy or just hearing the popping sound our old-school door knobs makes when he pushes the lock. Either way, I have to race to the bathroom when he says he needs to go . . . not to help him but to make sure he doesn't lock me out so I can help if needs be.

Last week, he took it one step further - locking the doors and then shutting them behind him. His door(s) of choice? ALL THE BATHROOMS IN THE HOUSE. Nice one, kid. And because the knobs are all old school, the only way to open them is with a screwdriver placed just so. Unfortunately, only Rob knows how to do this. Needless to say, we practiced "holding it" last week.

The pink pants are due to him not being able to hold it while we were at a girl friend's house. He thought it was all quite funny!