Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Cuatro de Julio

It seems like the Fourth is always a "let-down" holiday. I have such high hopes for a fun, patriotic Summer day and it ends up being lame with nothing going on. Fuel that with a non-existent Fourth last year because (as it turns out) the Brits don't celebrate our independence from them, I was determined to have a great Fourth of July this year. We decided to have a breakfast BBQ to start the day off on the right foot.

Then came the difficult question of what can be BBQ'd for breakfast. The answer: breakfast burritos. And just like that, Cuatro de Julio was born. I tried to find an American flag pinata but those are hard to find! We had about 5 families over so the kids could play on all our new backyard stuff and the parents could chat. Oddly enough, I was the grill master so there wasn't the obligatory man circle around the BBQ.

It was a great party and I think it might just be an annual event. Turns out having breakfast parties are a sure way to have a rocking holiday (even if there are no pictures to document the rock!).

Felice Cuatro de Julio, Amigos!!