Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Cuatro de Julio

It seems like the Fourth is always a "let-down" holiday. I have such high hopes for a fun, patriotic Summer day and it ends up being lame with nothing going on. Fuel that with a non-existent Fourth last year because (as it turns out) the Brits don't celebrate our independence from them, I was determined to have a great Fourth of July this year. We decided to have a breakfast BBQ to start the day off on the right foot.

Then came the difficult question of what can be BBQ'd for breakfast. The answer: breakfast burritos. And just like that, Cuatro de Julio was born. I tried to find an American flag pinata but those are hard to find! We had about 5 families over so the kids could play on all our new backyard stuff and the parents could chat. Oddly enough, I was the grill master so there wasn't the obligatory man circle around the BBQ.

It was a great party and I think it might just be an annual event. Turns out having breakfast parties are a sure way to have a rocking holiday (even if there are no pictures to document the rock!).

Felice Cuatro de Julio, Amigos!!


Beth, Cody and Morgan said...

What a fun alternative! Good for you for taking charge of the day. Surprising about the Brits:) We did laundry, cleaned house and packed on the 4th, while being annoyingly sick, so it can always be worse!

Katie said...

It was a fabulous party! Thanks for the invite...too bad my hubby couldn't come...blasted dedication to providing for his family! ;)

bostonroms said...

Anne -
have you given up on the blogging world in general? I would LOVE to see pics of your cute boys. (make a post just for me! ha ha) and especially if brock still has the fro. please oh please. we miss you guys. wish we could come for brock's bday party next month. :)


Amy Romney said...

Hi Anne! I've gotten behind on reading your blog but it was cool to have so much to read! Great pics... Dylan is sitting on my lap at the computer and he kept screeching everytime he saw Brock's face. I loved the one at the pumpkin patch! Now that fall is approaching, we should plan another trip out there. Is it weird that I'm even responding via blog... I mean we talk on the phone like what,? 2-3 times a day, lol!

Brandon said...

Have you stopped loving them enough? Just sayin'.

Alyosha said...

Seriously, your last post was in July? Doesn't seem like you love them very much to me. :)